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De Sondy knows his audience July 13, 2009

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Homosexualists, Media, Responses.

Like all “progressives”, Dr Amanullah De Sondy is not speaking to the Muslim community when he asks, “Why can’t Muslims be gay and proud?” He is working for someone else, and seeking someone else’s approval.

Like his friends, he holds the Muslim community in contempt. (“Homophobes!”) And as such, he stands no chance of making a difference. With this latest “coming out”, I’m sure he realises he will never be invited to speak to Muslims again, except in the depths of his university department, for whoever thinks that is a proper way to learn Islam. Yes, study at the feet of non-Muslims too! Indeed, many of them are much fairer in their treatment of Islam than twisted people like De Sondy.

As a commenter at Harry’s Place put it: “A courageous young man. Very much like Irshad Manji.” Yes, very much. Although at least Manji is explicit that her purpose of rewriting Islam for herself was to justify being with her lesbian lover.

David Toube, notorious Islamophobe, makes the following points, to which I respond below:


Obsessive Scottish Muslim? July 12, 2009

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Homosexualists, Media, Proggies, Responses, Shari'ah.
A brave face
A brave face?
“Usually the voices of reason are the quietest.”

Agree with this statement or disagree, it is the opinion of a recent PhD graduate at Glasgow University who desperately wishes he could be as celebrated a Muslim progressive as his idols like Reza Aslan. Trouble is, he’s just not as talented.

Amanullah De Sondy certainly hasn’t remained quiet about issues that make him itch, yet his views on homosexuality have been strangely muted. This despite the fact that people who have known him for years say that they expected him to come out with something eventually. Well here it is (or almost).

1. Why can’t Muslims be gay and proud?

2. Academic challenges ‘homophobic’ Muslims

It is very important to him to insist he’s an “academic“, because that apparently gives him the right to say whatever he wants about Islam and we Westerners are supposed to take it at face value, despite the fact that academia itself is a system of presenting and challenging views based on research. But that doesn’t make everything novel or controversial worthwhile in itself. Some academics are still trotting out the discredited theories of yesteryear, and Islamic Studies is one of the most affected by this problem due to the persistence of classical Orientalist agendas linked to colonialism and modern-day warmongering.

And without meaning offence to everyone at the University of Glasgow, I wouldn’t study Islam there any more than I would boast about a degree in English Literature from Kabul University.

De Sondy seems to fantasise about cloning himself and taking over Scotland, judging by one rather huffy letter penned last year:

I smell worry in the words and actions of the political Islamists, Mosques and our so-called Islamic leaders who want to cage and control the sentiments of the true progressive Scottish Muslims, but this new wave will emerge in full force, and time will then be the judge of who are the best partners in creating a flourishing Scotland.

However, much like his blog which he optimistically titled “Progressive Scottish Muslims”, adding an ‘s’ on the end doesn’t mean that you’re more than one person.

So on to the articles…


Tolerance May 7, 2009

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Concepts, Media.
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Muslims in Britain have zero tolerance of homosexuality, says poll

I don’t know, this just struck me as a weird way of putting it. It seems to mean that 100% of British Muslims have 0% tolerance of homosexuality, which we know is not true of course – given that there are unfortunately some Muslims who try to justify it. I know some people may argue with me that people who justify major sins are not truly Muslims, but I’d point out that (a) one shouldn’t engage in casual takfeer, and (b) I’m sure Gallup weren’t engaging in such a question-begging exercise!

Which leads onto the question about what this “tolerance” is supposed to mean. Personally, I tolerate (unhappily) the presence of homosexuality in our society the same way I tolerate (sadly) the existence of atheism and worship of false gods. People generally have a “live and let live” attitude – though I’m not suggesting that it’s wrong to campaign for what you believe in. The sense in which I am not tolerant towards homosexuality is when I consider its standing morally, i.e. religiously. There are so many nuances to this discussion which just don’t come across in polls, let alone media reports on those polls.

I’m just glad they wrote “homosexuality” in the headline rather than saying “zero tolerance of homosexuals”, because the last thing we need is more suggestion that British Muslims are just waiting for their chance to execute gays! Remember this one?  “London Muslims overwhelmingly oppose gays

Oh and speaking of manipulating polls, do have a look at this great insight from Martin Robbins.

Disagreement over punishment August 14, 2007

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Media, Shari'ah.

I just came across this video from MEMRI of a scholar I haven’t previously heard of (Sheikh ‘Abd Al-Qader Shiba Al-Hamad), discussing the historical disagreement between the companions of the Prophet (peace be on him) after he passed away, over how to punish someone guilty of sodomy.

The video features a more detailed explanation than the one given by Sheikh Qaradawi, or Sheikh Alwani, as quoted previously on this blog.

But what comes next? What is this Sheikh’s opinion exactly? The video ends rather abruptly, leaving you wondering how he continued. I hardly expect him to be the most liberal scholar on the planet, but it’s only fair to know how he regards the views he has just listed.

Remember that MEMRI chopped up Qaradawi’s statements to hide the fact that he advocates choosing the least severe option. The result was various Islam-haters pouncing on another ‘Crazed Cleric Calls to Kill Queers’ story.

See also:
Sins, crimes and punishments
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BBC’s “polygamous lesbians” April 29, 2007

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This is just weird.

The BBC reported: Polygamous lesbians flee Sharia

A Nigerian lesbian who “married” four women last weekend in Kano State has gone into hiding from the Islamic police, with her partners. 

Followed by: Nigeria ‘lesbian wedding’ denied

She said the elaborate wedding celebration held on Sunday was actually a ceremony to raise money for the women’s weddings to men.

She said: “One of them gets a husband to marry so I organised in order to get something sorted.”

This just in… April 17, 2007

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Homosexualists, Media.

Another shock! Pink News has discovered that

London Muslims overwhelmingly oppose gays !

And apparently our views just don’t square with the rest of society. There surely can’t be anyone (say observant religious people who aren’t Moslem fanatics) who would agree with this “anti-gay” stance?

And there’s of course no distinction to be made between considering homosexuality less than “acceptable” and OPPOSING GAYS (as people). Just a matter of semantics, eh? It’s not the media’s job to quibble over such things if it will make those backward Islamo-fascists look bad.

The article takes another bash at Iqbal Sacranie, while admitting that his statement appears to be “in line with the vast majority of Muslim opinion“! Perhaps you could add the same for Yusuf al-Qaradawi? Nah, let’s just quote some MPs to attack Islam as “absurd”, “medieval”, “unacceptable” and “deplorable” views belonging to “7th-century Arabia”.

Check out the enlightened comments on the PinkNews site. Makes you just wanna join their chariot of freedom and tolerance, doesn’t it? [Update: the most bigoted comments have now been deleted.]

Imaan Gay.com feature February 8, 2007

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Media, Queer Muslims, Responses.

An interview with Farzana, chair of Imaan, appeared on Gay.com a few days ago. It is by Hassan Mirza (yep, him again) and includes a photo of Imaan at Europride. They’ve blurred the faces, but the one on the right is of course none other than Out-n-Proud Pav. At the bottom of the feature, this blog gets a mention! Here’s the link to read it, and of course it won’t escape my comments…

Profile: The Gay Muslims

MIRZA: And there’s even more to say about the Gay Muslims, who to the casual observer may seem particularly self-hating – in light of violence-preaching Imams (some fanatic ones who preach the death of gays) displayed in popular British media.


Hirsi Ali: The Arrogant Ignoramus February 3, 2007

Posted by Taleb Haqq in Islam, Media, Proggies.

ayan-ali-voa Look who’s back in the news again. In an “exclusive” (because nobody else wants to) two part interview with Voice of America [1,2], Ayaan tries to gain back some spotlight after being exposed as a liar and being hired by none other than the notorious right wing “think ” tank the American Enterprise Institue. We will let readers for themselves question Hirsi’s intentions in attacking Islam when she describes herself as an atheist. Let us, however, examine some of her [term used loosely] quotes.

I decided — and it’s a private decision, I am not propagating atheism – but I decided that I do not believe in the existence of a hell and a heaven and a hereafter.


I’ve spoken to thousands of Muslims who are compassionate people who do not want to kill. They do not want to become the enemies of unbelievers, or see unbelievers as enemies, non-Muslims as enemies. But there is always the barrier, the threat of hell. If you disobey God, then you go to Hell.


Ugh. December 23, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Media, Queer Muslims, Responses.

DaayieeDaayiee Abdullah, aka Sidney Thompson, still masquerading as an “Imam”, has given an interview to his local LGBT rag.

Because of the protracted prominence of this all-round fruitcake, we’re soon going to publish a document outlining some of his outlandish claims and their refutations, and proving that he has no right to call himself an “Islamic scholar”. That became obvious at his own e-mail group some months ago, when he hounded someone out just for insisting on knowing Daayiee’s Islamic credentials.
Simple answer: he has none.

In the meantime, comments on a few bits from the interview are below. And here are some previous posts on Daayiee/Sid for those who haven’t read them:

The Stripy Charlatan 
Daayiee’s latest heresies
Daayiee vs. the “rabid homophobes”


NY Times: “Prisoners of Sex” December 8, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Media, Responses, Shari'ah.

The New York Times Magazine ran an article last weekend by Negar Azimi about homosexuality in the Arab world, particularly Egypt, called “Prisoners of Sex“. It discusses various political aspects, but I quote here only what pertains to the religious question. Yet again, an attempt to make the matter more misty than it actually is…

On my second visit to Tanta, in August, I sat down for a lunch of kapsa, a sweet Saudi rice specialty, with Hassan and Mo, a slight student of English literature at Tanta University. The discussion turned to Islam and homosexuality. Both of them considered themselves practicing Muslims. Mo has combed the Internet for signs as to whether homosexuality is at odds with Islam. He said he had browsed the popular Egyptian lay preacher Ahmed Khaled’s Web site and found nothing. But he did see that Sheik Yussuf Al-Qaradawi had called homosexuals “perverts.” Al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian cleric generally considered a liberal, is best known for his television program “Shariah and Life” on the satellite channel Al Jazeera, and for his Web site, Islamonline.

She must mean Amr Khaled. I browsed his site just now and found this (albeit in English). And of course there is plenty on the Internet about Islam’s prohibition of homosexual activity, even if there is a lack of depth and quality in how it is discussed (I hope we can count this blog as an exception). Where did Mo see this thing about Qaradawi calling homosexuals “perverts“? If that is all he saw, then he must have got it from MEMRI or one of the sites that love all their output. Anyone who watched the Shariah and Life programme itself, or read his fatwas on his site or Islam Online, would better realise what he says – i.e. much the same as all Islamic scholars.

It goes on…



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